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Dozomo let's you reach 194 search engines, dictionaries, maps -- virtually any web service -- from one place. Dozomo sends you directly to the result page of the things you're looking for.

Some examples:
  • time JP - gets you the current time in Japan
  • xe 10,USD,EUR - converts 10 US Dollars to Euro
  • amazon da vinci code - finds you the book in the Amazon bookshop
  • acronym BPM - finds you the meaning of the acronym BPM
  • dict insperse - looks up the word insperse in a dictionary
  • w Art Nouveau - gets you the Wikipedia article about the art style
  • google Ferrets - search for ferrets on Google

Tip: If you want help on an engine, type the name and press enter

To learn about new useful search engines, go to the Engines page. Once you learned the alias (g for google, a for amazon etc) you can search even faster!

Other useful tips

You can also search from the URL, e.g finland will search google for finland

By typing 'r' followed by a number, e.g. 'r100', anywhere in your search term, you can force search engines to return 100 results.

Inserting a '-' before any engine alias takes you directly to the engine site without performing a search.

Adding an engine

If you feel there is a search engine missing, you can easily add it. It will be reviewed by a team of editors, but is available immediately for use.

Who built this site?

Eric Wahlforss, Adam Wern, and Palle Derkert built the new site that is based on the original one created in 24 hours during the 24 HOUR DOTCOM.